Superintendent's Report

Course Report – Summer 2017


We have had a very intensive period of activity over the last couple of weeks which covered the
Lady Captain’s Prize, hosting of the GUI Junior Cup and hollow tining of the greens, with all
successfully concluded.


Early spring overseeding has led to an increase in the finer grasses occurring, allied to frequent
tight sand topdressing we are producing consistent putting surfaces. The speed of the greens is
consistently at 10 as measured using a stimpmeter.
At the recent hollow tining we also carried out an oveerseeding operation applying 1kg of a
rescue bent mix per green. To fill in the hollow tining holes and restore putting surfaces we
applied 2.5 tonns of top dressing per green. The monitoring of 7 sample greens across 3
parameters – speed, firmness and moisture content is ongoing. This allows us to tailor our inputs
and work regime.
The new Greens machine which we purchased earlier in the year is helping us to maintain a high
standard of greens which the members rightly expect in Rathfarnham Golf Club.

Plant Growth Regulators P.G.R:

As the name suggests P.G.R’s are used to regulate excessive growth in the grass plant. It works
by blocking the production of gibberettic acid within the plant leaf, stopping cell elongation and
upward growth. This results in a more compact growth habit. Energy is diverted away from
vertical growth towards lateral growth and root development.

Tees and Approaches:

The tees and approaches are performing very well. We are applying a plant growth regulator
(P.G.R) and liquid feeds to these areas to maintain a dense even sward. The approaches that we
have installed irrigation on have performed particularly well.


We are now on a full programme of plant growth regulator (P.G.R) and liquid feeds on our
fairways. They are responding very will to this and the increased frequency of mowing at 3 times
per week.


The renovation and installation of a membrane to the 4 selected bunkers at the 1st RHS, 2nd, the
6th and RHS 9th has been very successful. The spring and summer downpours has left them intact
with just a quick rake to restore playability. This contrasts with the “Old” Bunkers where intense
rainfall can leave them unplayable with significant resources required to get them back into play.
Members will notice the early benefits of the new irrigation that has been installed on the
approaches to the 1st/2nd/4th/6th and 18th. This allows us to improve the quality of the turf in
these areas and also helps achieve a better overall definition of the course.


The wild flower meadows are growing very well with diversity been maintained. Water quality
on our lakes remains of a high standard. We now have a second colony of bees in our apiary. This
beekeeping is quite a learning curve but we hope to maintain a permanent presence of 3 or 4
hives here in Rathfarnham over the next period.


The greenkeeping staff are working diligently across all areas to present the course in the best
possible manner. During the summer months we start at 6:00am and on busier occasions such as
the Captains Prize we start at 5:00am or earlier.
Our objective is to prepare the course to the highest standard and then let the Members enjoy it.

Looking Ahead:

The summer months are a great time in the greenkeeping year where the very best standards in
course presentation can be achieved. This summer we look forward to reaching those standards.
Finally. we are starting to turn our attention to the ‘Winter Programme of Work’ in conjunction
with the Course Committee and General Committee but that is for another day !

Eddie Walsh
Course Superintendent


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